Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thank you

It’s sure been a while I last played with Fondant. Best of all, playing along with two childhood friends is such a blessing.

Our goal was to bake and decorate a cake to present to our Vice Principal who so graciously loaned us a venue for our 30th anniversary - a reunion for class 82 last month.

CR was kind enough to bake the cakes in advance so that it won't take us a whole day to get the cake done. Actually I wasn't really sure that I can sit for such long session but besides getting tired, I was okay.  It really shows that I am getting stronger and better.  Yes!

We had such a fun afternoon that GL who had been plagued by migraine for the past days, was able to enjoy this migraine free session with us.

Now can't you tell that playing with fondant can reduce stress?

Okay, let me present to you our masterpiece.



  1. though I'm not a fan of fondant at all, the work is really intricate!

  2. this is so cute, pretty and neat, Edith :)
    it's a great thing to know you're getting better and better :)

  3. WOW! So pretty! Hopefully I can make this one day.

  4. Your cake is so sweet and beautiful. Seeing the cute IJ girls with the smart uniform make me feel so proud to be a former IJ girl. Theresa

  5. Wow, the cake is really something, Edith! Looks so cute! Good to know you're getting stronger =)

  6. Glad to know you had a great time with your friends and churn out such an adorable cake. :))

  7. Edith, your fondant cake looks so pretty.

  8. So pretty and so cute! I'm sure your Principal was very happy to receive this!

  9. so cute! my first time seeing fondants with students characters!

  10. Thanks travellingfoodies, Alice

    Ann@Anncoo Journal, I am sure one day you can ever do better than mine.

    Hi Theresa, you are also an IJ girl? Yea!

    Dumpling Love, Honey Bee Sweets, thanks

    Thanks Jess

    Passionate About Baking, yes she was.

    Thanks Yummy Bakes

    lena, hehehe...


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